Eyebrow Pencil Crayon Pourles Sourcils

ART NO.:AS979001

Close your eyes and picture the perfect brows. Are they defined, yet delicate? Create the brows of this daydream with the brand new Eyebrow Powder Pencil. Our unique pencil’s superfine texture provides a powdery-soft, matte finish. Put the finishing touches on your arches by using the included spoolie brush to smooth out the rich color.
Make up steps for eyebrow
FIXED POINT:Spin out 1mm cartridge to point positioning eyebrows,eyebrow peak and eyebrow end
TRACING: In terminal from the eyebrow peak to eyebrows and eyebrow end connections
FILL: To fill color face end, reoccupy attached eyebrow brush brow,soft color,creating natural vivid eyebrow.
COMB: Eyebrow brush the shading,make soft fog effect.
For most recent ingredient list, please refer to packaging.
INGREDIENTS / INGRÉDIENTS: Talcum Powder,mica Powder,calcium Carbonate,kleit,Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Pp,mp, Bha, 2ehp, Silcone Oil, No 26 White Mineral Oil.

Category: Eyeliner, Makeup, Pencil

Type: cosmetics