Studio Pro Dual Effect Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Palette: Titanium

Play it cool with our Studio Pro Dual Effect Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Titanium, a collection of pigment-packed, cool-toned shimmer shadows with two-for-one versatility. The buttery, blendable shades include neutral nudes, grays and creams, plus pinks, and can be mixed, matched and layered to achieve multiple icy effects. Kick things up a notch by applying with a dampened brush to intensify color and shine.

Feature: Dancing miracle truecolor ten color eye shadow ,suitable for the crowd,all the beauty of the female Using Method: 1.Using brush dipped in a small amount of light color rendering,smear color from the whole eye socket,fade 2.Use Eyeshadow stick want eye shadow color.(also available directly to it the whole eye socket,and finger temperature will eye shadow from the roots of eyelashes to halo open) and color rendering changes from deep to shallow

Category: Eyeshadow, Makeup

Type: Makeup

Product Description: Meteor like rich colors,so that the tone can be changed with the perspective of the skin and have different effects,the effect of natural and rich luster Silk like soft refined powder texture,good ductility,so that color can be superimposed layer by layer,long lasting effect,natural charming,do not fall powder,do not faint dye.Ten color palette,suitable for Party,makeup studio, stage makeup,to meet the different needs of different makeup