Extra Volume Mascara

ART NO.:ART NO.:AS974001/1 (wire head) - AS974001/2 (brush head)

Take our word for it: if you want your lashes to look darker, fuller and lethally gorgeous all day long, then our new Worth the Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara is your jam. A breeze to apply and comfortable to wear, this buildable formula actually does what it promises, making it “worth the hype” in every which way. It also features a brush that tapers at the tip, so you can brush, build, and lengthen even the littlest baby lashes at the inner corners of your eyes.
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INGREDIENTS / INGRÉDIENTS: Water,Propylene Glycol,Pmx-0345 Cyclosioxane,Polyvinylpyrrolidone,Steary Alcohol Polyether-10,Beeswax,Carnauba Wax 8044 Brazil Palm,Glycery Stearate,2-Methyl-4-Easy Saizuo Phenanthroline-3-Ketone,Sodium Pyrithione,Bamboo Charcoal Powder.

Category: beauty, cosmetics, face, Makeup, mascara

Type: Makeup